Aldona Szery

Aldona has been dealing with tattoo art for 9 years now. Aldona's works are a combination of a realistic style and graphics (trashpolka). Aldona combines a simple line with crazy ideas. Not only the dark atmosphere is close to her. As you can see in the gallery, Aldona feels good in the watercolor technique (so-called Watercolor). She’s not afraid of highly abstract and colorful challenges. Aldona makes smooth transitions of smudges and blots to create some subtle, realistic paintings.


Trash Polka, sketchart, watercolor, linework, dotwork, blackwork, geometry art, pattern design


We are pleased to announce that Przemek has been joining Szerytattoo since December. Przemek started his tattoo adventure in 2016. He is a versatile tattoo artist, not limited to one style.Drawing has been with him in everyday life since junior high school. He tried to transfer his first drawings on sheets to the wall by painting graffiti. Yes, yes ... Graffiti is one of his passions with which he is still working.Over the years, he began to penetrate the world of tattooing. Noticing that through the images that are formed on the body, he can express himself. He decided that the tattoo would become his everyday life. In his tattoos you will notice works made both in gray and in the color of his best.We will successively supplement his gallery so that you can see his works and new projects.As he says about himself: "I am driven by a serene spirit and a positive attitude to the world ... I like to taste a little bit of everything with food, music and tattoos, maybe that's why my projects are mixed up so much with different styles."


Karolina Ciok has started tattooing with us for some time. Always with a pencil in his hand, he creates intricate linear works which, combined with dots and lines, are an aesthetic visual feast for the eye.
Drawing and painting have been with her since childhood, but her first more serious works began at the age of 13, when she successfully participated in numerous art competitions. She associated her education with the natural sciences, but at the same time she was unable to completely give up her artistic activity. The perfect combination of both passions was the start of studies in the field of Landscape Architecture, where the creation of design visualizations allowed Karolina to perfect her drawing technique, in particular the technique of watercolor painting.


illustration, fine line art, dotwork