Aldona Szery

Aldona has been dealing with tattoo art for 9 years now. Aldona's works are a combination of a realistic style and graphics (trashpolka). Aldona combines a simple line with crazy ideas. Not only the dark atmosphere is close to her. As you can see in the gallery, Aldona feels good in the watercolor technique (so-called Watercolor). She’s not afraid of highly abstract and colorful challenges. Aldona makes smooth transitions of smudges and blots to create some subtle, realistic paintings.

Kusy Szerytattoo
Artur (0).jpg

Although Kusy’s been involved in tattooing for a short time, nowadays it’s his daily path to self-realization. Kusy is an alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts where he learned graphic art, and that is why precision in creating is very close to him. In our studio, Kusy deals mainly with dotwork. Geometry, symmetry, dots, lines is something that really turns him on! Everything he learned during his studies helps him create his works and drawing compositions from the very basics. Kusy's works are characterized by the fact that he uses color only as a subtle accent while emphasizing his unique style.

Artur, some probably known from the pseudonym "Chomik". From the origin, as it is defined, is 100 percent kujawiak. He has been living and working in Warsaw for two years. Professionally he has been tattooing for 5 years. As you will see, the styles that he prefers in his works are: new school, neotraditional, cartoon. He enjoys working with color, mixing different styles. In combination with crazy ideas, a colorful mix comes out, which you can see here in his gallery. Of course, shaded work in grays is also alien to him. In addition to tattooing, Artur's interests may include basketball, cooking, bicycles and travel

Logotyp Szerytattoo

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